Careers at SeriousMD

Careers at SeriousMD

If every person can have access to healthcare, a lot more lives can be changed and ultimately, saved. We want to make a contribution to the world by making healthcare and healthcare technology accessible for everyone. Our mission is to make that a ubiquitous reality.
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Our story

Healthcare has long since been done in a traditional way. With the fast changing world, doctors and their patients need a way to be able to connect with each other more easily. Patients also need access to other healthcare facilities and services.
SeriousMD was born from the need to bring technology and healthcare, together.
This is the type of platform we want to build together at SeriousMD — software that will empower doctors to be productive, maximize their time to care for their patients and maintaining time for their personal lives. All the while, patients receive the care they need, easy access to medications, treatment plans and more.
We've heard SeriousMD described many ways. It’s called an EHR (electronic health records) software. It’s sometimes called a practice management application to help doctors manage their day to day operations in the clinic. It’s sometimes also called a telemedicine platform to help patients get medical consultations from anywhere. We are all that, and more.
But at its core, SeriousMD is a healthcare technology platform that empowers Filipinos to get the healthcare they deserve.
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To make this possible, we've brought together a diverse team of individuals passionate about computing, alternative programming languages, music, art, and of course, healthcare. Today, we're growing and have team members from all around the Philippines. 🇵🇭
Now is a magical time to join, we're still small, and everyone on the team makes a foundational difference. Interested in learning more? Check out open roles below ↓
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Perks & benefits


🎒 Health and Wellbeing

SeriousMD offers quality health benefits, work-fun balance perks and access to NowServing services.

🌴 Paid Leaves

We want people to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. SeriousMD offers paid leaves that you can utilize, as well as paid holidays.

🥗 Remote Work

We’ve adapted to the times and we operate remotely for the most part.

💻 Tools

You’ll receive all the equipment and software you’ll need, so you can do your best work.

🏖️ Company Offsites

We hold team retreats once a year. Soon to be back to twice a year!

🚌 Flexitime

We believe that each person operates at their best at different hours in the day.

Our values



As a startup, being agile is one of our biggest strengths. We adapt, learn and transform with the times.
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The company is built from making hard decisions. We value decisiveness and being able to own decisions.


Be excellent in everything that you do. Be willing to improve each and everyday. Be you.
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We will all go through challenges and obstacles. We persist and find ways to get through these challenges.

Team Player

As a growing company, communication and teamwork is key. We go through the challenges together and come out better on the other side.
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Questions & answers

What is SeriousMD?
SeriousMD started out as an electronic medical records application and eventually becoming a full medical practice management system to help doctors all around the Philippines. Today, SeriousMD, along with the NowServing platform, empowers and connects patients to their doctors, bringing end to end healthcare to Filipinos.
When is SeriousMD’s team planning to be back in office?
We’ll continue to work from home until it's safe to return to the office. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our employees and their families. We'll continue to monitor public health indicators for guidance. Most of SeriousMD’s team joined during the pandemic, so we want the opportunity to get to know each other and build stronger connections in the real world. SeriousMD is still so young, we want to harness all the creativity, brainstorming, and inspiration that comes from being together. That's how we'll keep moving fast :)
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“Technology is best when it brings people together.”


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